středa 28. srpna 2013

Twins Going Separate Ways

Word of the day - Ann went to Portugal for an unbelievable half of the year. That means that there will be no afterschool wine-drinking, no thrifting and no weird underground concerts. And of course, we will not be able to do the photoshoots together for some time, but we are commited to make this blog work anyway(:

So, these pictures are from the beginning of summer and they make me super nostalgic. We were wearing another best-friend-twin-dress combo from Romwe. Other than that, Ann wore thrifted wedges (if she was wearing shoes anyway:D) and random flowers and I wore DIY crown, random sandals, thrifted necklase and super old NY belt.

It was warm and nice and holidays were just starting and everything that happened this summer was ahead of us.

Yeah, I would really appreciate the wine called Nostalgia right now...

Sorry for the zillion of pictures, but I just loved all of them so much I couldn´t decide! 

Have the most beautiful indian summer ever!
Fairy Queens