sobota 7. června 2014

Mermaid and carp.

Hello giirls.
Wherever you are, I am sanding you a piece of summer aureole. Its so soon for me. I have everyday filled, and it seems like one never ending story. Exams, no time to prepare at all, stress, no time to celebrate (but I fortunately always find a little time to thrift storing :D), than weekends which are for me so untypical filled with activities done inside. This weekend which is in sign of 30 degrees hot blue sky both saturday and sunday I spend closed in a room where I train how to meditate and speak to my wisdom and how to talk to people in there, solve problems, how to forgive and how to grow up healthy. Its so inspiring, but i need to keep my eyes closed not to see that beauty outside. But thats probably normal problem. Having troubles what choose to do, when there are more interesting things. Same on my side it is with next weekend. Joy and wine and dancing all day and all night with my best friends or go somewhere to concentrate and accept many new informations...make that decision somebody for me! :D
Ok I am boring. So let me talk a little about pictures I wanna show you. It was one cloudy day, when Betty got those mermaid dress from romwe which she ordered on her birthday :). They are so original and cool. There is not many possibilities where to picture in my flat, so we choose bathroom. It was so funny :). I am having my random thrift store dress and I enjoy that idea of us both, having pearls or stings instead of crowns in our hair :). Tell us if you like them :).

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