pondělí 29. července 2013

The Heat

I am probably the only weirdo around who absolutely loves it. All I need is some ice-cold sangria and ice cream and I am in heaven.
These pictures were taken some time ago. Ann still has to go to the hospital everyday for her school practise, so I picked her up afterwards and we went to Vyšehrad (unexpected, huh? Kinda sems like we never leave our neighborhood, hah...). It is this beautiful old part of Prague (actually, the whole history of Prague probably began on this hill). We love it, but we also love the newer weird additions to Vyšehrad - the communistic palaces and the endless concrete squares...
We spent the whole afternoon laying around, exploring, eating strawberries and getting drunk in the sunlight.

I am wearing DIY three-way headband, choker and bracelet, Topshop bodysuit from Ann, thrifted skirt and belt and my usual sneakers-lace socks combo. Ann wore this adorable outfit, that according to her made her look like a football player:D - thrifted shorts and tee, knee-highs, Converse sneakers and DIY crown.

We have fun we have fun we have fun when we please!
Hope you do too <3
Fairy Queens

pondělí 22. července 2013


Hey babes,
summer is on and we are having a total blast! We are dancing till we drop, screaming and singing, eating tons of ice cream, drinking wine, running through the water fountains, picking strawberries and laying in the grass all day not doing anything. I hope you are having just as much fun!
These pictures are kind of old - from the very beginning of summer, but i think they say it all(: We went to Zelífest, this tiny underground festival our friend organizes and it was like the greatest thing ever - from rolling in the mud through dancing in the bubble rain to analyzing pictures in Maxim, hah.

Peace and love,
Fairy Queens

PS: Soundrack for your summer dreaming: http://8tracks.com/emily_play/summer-dreaming

čtvrtek 11. července 2013


Hi dreamers, how do u do in the summertime? We both have a wonderful time although I must visit hospital for my school practise for eight hours a day so my holiday-days are a lot shorter. But time of music festivals and long days and warm nights just started and there is always time to celebrate with fruit wine, lovely dresses and flowers in our hairs. We bought a gigantic heavy bottle of sangria and went shopping to our favorite thriftstore, where I bought new old pink colored shorts. Also, we went into a little art shop where Bee bought wonderful blue textil color for unicorns and other fairy stuff to paint on her clothes and I bought the rainbow pencil for my holiday diary.

After shopping we got lost in a far away part of our neighborhood where we have never been before. We bought another cheep wine, lyed on the grass, played with the bubblemaker, gossiped about guys and enjoyed each other. 

Bee was wearing new Tophop dress from secondhand store ( I absolutely adore its color!), heartbreaking platforms from New Yorker and a new fairy crown made from blue roses we bought on flea market. I got my new Romwe skirt,  lace body from Bee, my most favourite wreath and shoes from flea market. Here are some pictures we took that day for you. Enjoy sun sunshines!