pondělí 29. července 2013

The Heat

I am probably the only weirdo around who absolutely loves it. All I need is some ice-cold sangria and ice cream and I am in heaven.
These pictures were taken some time ago. Ann still has to go to the hospital everyday for her school practise, so I picked her up afterwards and we went to Vyšehrad (unexpected, huh? Kinda sems like we never leave our neighborhood, hah...). It is this beautiful old part of Prague (actually, the whole history of Prague probably began on this hill). We love it, but we also love the newer weird additions to Vyšehrad - the communistic palaces and the endless concrete squares...
We spent the whole afternoon laying around, exploring, eating strawberries and getting drunk in the sunlight.

I am wearing DIY three-way headband, choker and bracelet, Topshop bodysuit from Ann, thrifted skirt and belt and my usual sneakers-lace socks combo. Ann wore this adorable outfit, that according to her made her look like a football player:D - thrifted shorts and tee, knee-highs, Converse sneakers and DIY crown.

We have fun we have fun we have fun when we please!
Hope you do too <3
Fairy Queens

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  1. Getting drunk is sunlight have one clear advantage... you get drunk easier :)

    Nice pictures ladies!

  2. Somehow my account dont work - Wrynn here! ;)