čtvrtek 30. ledna 2014


Hello snowflakes,
is it also so cold in your town? Our neighborhood is white and calm and quite, cause nobody is out, town is in a haze and only thing we can wear are jackets :D but yes, I am heeeree, with Betty, back in my so missed hometown (now I miss portuguese alwaysunny weather and no obligation to do at all) but thats what we human are, always complaining, soo STOP it, love what you have, because u have a lot, and winter is soo wonderful part of the year isnt it? :) and soon there will be again flowers on the the ground, spring is sooner every day. Eventhough it is s damn cold, we still go out, buy a cheap cheap wine, talk and gossip and laugh out loud and take a picture to make a winter more colourfull. So here you are, one photoshoot from very cold and grey day, but lighted by flowers and bubbles :)

Clothes were our expensive jackets bought from our rich mothers, thrift store everything :D home made crowns, pink one from portuguese flowers and yellow one from Bettys soulmate boyfriend (isnt it cute, :)) and also our same violet Dr. Martens shoes