středa 27. listopadu 2013

Tangled Up

Ann´s birthday.
It seems like ages ago and yesterday in the same time. Sundresses, surprisingly expensive strawberry wine (c´mon, celebration!) and acting like 5-years old, running around, climbing up the walls and drawing on the sidewalks. I drew gifts for Ann, but she was just never happy and was asking for bigger and bigger ones. She is such a megaloman, hahaha.

Life is good, by the way. Ann is still having a great time in Portugal and she is coming home in the month, yesssss! I have been through some nasty shit last couple of days, but things seem to fall in place now. And I am super grateful for everything.

Love life,
Fairy Queens


pondělí 4. listopadu 2013

The Light That Never Goes Out

Hey fairies,
I know this blog has been kinda on hiatus - with Ann gone keeping it up is much harder. Plus the weather is awfully fall-like, days are super short and I am super tired all the time. But we are going to make it up to you, I swear! So until the winter takes over, lets enjoy some more summer sun. These pictures are from one awesome hot August day of wine adventures, gossips and thriftstores.

It just makes me remember that even though the view out of the window might be gloomy and things might get screwed up, there is still so much to smile about...
There is a light that never goes out. 

(wearing everything thrifted head to toe except DIY crowns, necklace and earing)