středa 22. května 2013

Flowers in bloom

Hello cuties,
here is another post from this week. Examinations just started but we somehow found more time for each other than anytime before :). We had a cup of coffee together, showed each other our new clothes which we got from romwe or just bought somewhere. Betty also gave me my super new black and white dot leggings, and lend me the lace body and shorts I desperately needed. Betty was wearing a new sweet dress and cat  tights from romwe and I had my new lovely gauze skirt and lace body. We randomly walked around the blocks of our neighbourhood and found cool places for taking photos. We bought out favorite wine, the best cookies ever and we lied on the ground and talked and talked and talked. We also tried to find secondhand which was moved to another part of Prague, but it seems that it is lost, we havent found it yet. Thats too bad, because it was the best one for buying new flowers for our crowns. Nevertheless we bought something this day. We visited secondhand which is pretty expensive for us, we only love to try shoes there, everytime they have some cool pairs. Also we dont like it here, becouse one awful women works in there. But that day! A miracle happened! This women was so cool. She was smiling all the time and she gave a discount for Bee´s new awesome bra! Than I accompanied Bee to her train, we took some more pictures in this strange railway station and than we enjoyed our boyfriends alone :D :). Here are some pictured moments from this awesome day.

Have fun and smile(:
Fairy Queens

Deep forest and dirty city.

Hi lovers,
we have new pictures for you. We took them yesterday when we got lost in a park while we tried to find out our friends with their new dog. It was a pretty strange place. Nobody in there, just sleeping policeman in a car :D, weird light, all the green around, silence. Such beautiful forest with forgotten gardens in its heart and few meters away dirty broken old abandoned buildings. Randomly I got my camera with me, and Bee brought me new black lace body from triftstore so we took unexpected photos. But I love them even more for that. Betty got here new velvet wine red leggings from romwe, lace body, lace socks,  red rose wreath and "somethinglikeconverse" shoes. I got my new dress from secondhand, black knee-socks, converse shoes from flea market, which are as old as the Kurt Cobain´s ones :) and the same red wreath like Bee :)
So here you go!

Be adventurous,
Fairy Queens

úterý 14. května 2013


Once again we made the great escape.

We unofficialy celebrated my birthday and the May Day. It was absolutely surreal - from the burned out shed to the fast and furious ride in a random shoping cart, ha. 
We drank ourselves away and laughed our troubles off. We escaped the reality.

The agenda for today was climbing fences, running wild, drinking a lot of wine and laying in the trash, so we wore absolutely random clothes, most of them thrifted.  And i wore my new awesome vintage docs from anne <3

Terezoid, our favourite box wine fairy