středa 22. května 2013

Deep forest and dirty city.

Hi lovers,
we have new pictures for you. We took them yesterday when we got lost in a park while we tried to find out our friends with their new dog. It was a pretty strange place. Nobody in there, just sleeping policeman in a car :D, weird light, all the green around, silence. Such beautiful forest with forgotten gardens in its heart and few meters away dirty broken old abandoned buildings. Randomly I got my camera with me, and Bee brought me new black lace body from triftstore so we took unexpected photos. But I love them even more for that. Betty got here new velvet wine red leggings from romwe, lace body, lace socks,  red rose wreath and "somethinglikeconverse" shoes. I got my new dress from secondhand, black knee-socks, converse shoes from flea market, which are as old as the Kurt Cobain´s ones :) and the same red wreath like Bee :)
So here you go!

Be adventurous,
Fairy Queens

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