pondělí 9. září 2013

Far away

Hi fairies,
hope your best friends are next to your dreams, because I miss mine so deeply! It will be three weeks since I last saw her in hippie free soul Trutnov music festival tent village. I miss our cheep wine sessions, somewhere in the middle of nowhere, crowded with new thrift store strikes. I am so far away in sunny Portugal, where there are no clouds on the sky and the ocean is so near. I get cheep BOTTLE! wino everywhere, exotic fruit and friends from all corners of Europe, and some of them are soo peerless cool, but still I miss my whole life best friend. Everywhere I go, I just see beautiful old houses and strange places which atmosphere awaits there for our photoshooting, I drink wino with people who care about its taste (god, they are so snobbish!) and so on. Miss my Bee in whole my everydays life.
Here are some pictures I got for those who are interested :), but I was so limited with my baggage so I was able to take just limited amount of my lovely clothes, so pictures are not as extraordinary as usual :D

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