neděle 14. dubna 2013

Architectural dream

Hi fairies,
so spring is now everywhere. Flowers are almost in bloom, trees are slowly getting green, sun is with us longer and longer, snowflakes are dying with the stars and we get only rain here, and sometimes u feel the hot power of the Sun on your face. Spring is in the air! So dust off your shiny dresses, change leggings for tights and go out with bubble makers, colorful chalks, flower headdresses and play harmonica on the streets.
We took new pictures for u, from a super grey place, which is nevertheless full of imagination. It is Bee´s school - with windows taller than the whole room, concrete everywhere, art on the walls and lots of stories inside. It was typical april weather outside, so we didn´t levae the building for the whole afternoon.
We wore random clothes because taking pictures wasn´t planned :). I got my new wooden heart from my boyfriend, daisy wreath, super vintage martens shoes from flea market and my favourite dress which I got from a great internet page (that´s amazing page, where u can exchange, sell or give your old clothes). And Bee got her new skirt also from, body from our favourite thrifstore, sweet light pink tights and our most favourite high hells ever :)

here are our memories, so take a look and let us know how u like it :)

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