pondělí 15. dubna 2013

Real Spring

From yesterday windy snowy winter ugliness to today, the day full of sunny smiles and bubbles in the sky. I hope spring never ends.

I got out of school walls so I made Bee stop learning about whatever and we went out to lay on the hot ground, fly in the air, let our hair to absorb sun, play false melodies on harmonica, drink the best raspberry wine and laugh until our time was out.
We met each other oin the neighbourhood where Bee grew up, so it was pretty nostalgic to watch the other kids play on our places. Bee was wearing sweet romantic floral shorts from the kids department of the thrifstore (we love to wear the clothes made for children, such a good feeling to know u can fit in them :D), flower lace body, white roses in her hair and black and white oxford shoes which make me jealous, because they are soo cool :D.
I was clothed in crazy black and white striped leggings from flea market, t-shirt from ahardcore band (which I have never heard before, but they sound like if all the hell was dying :D). I bought it on a great student selling party in Vienna this weekeend. Then I have red roses wreath and DIY gym shoes with hearts.
Here are our pictures, hope u like them :) let us know

Fairy Queens

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  1. flowers in the hair! <3

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