neděle 2. června 2013

Fluorescent Adolescents

We are awesome together. And we have been awesome together for unbelievable 16 years.

I survived the week of architectural hell and went to see Ann so I could feel a little less crazy. We had our clown noses with us and it felt like we escaped back to our childhood. We ventured through are favourite ghetto, found the weirdest places ever, went thrifting and we visited the playground where we grew up. I think we have not laughed so hard in a long long time.

I am wearing thrifted dress with DIY lace hem, random socks, DIY heart suspenders, awesome thrifted platforms and the crown and coat stolen from Anne. Anne is wearing Romwe leggings, thrifted top and sweater, DIY flower crown, flea market umbrella and my docs(:

Remember when you used to be a rascal?

Stay young and wild and free,
Fairy Queens

2 komentáře:

  1. I am glad that I kind of met you two thanks to romwe promotions! "We refuse to grow up" is kind of blog that I actually WANT to follow! So I think you should continue being awesome and make those pictures bigger! I watched them on facebook and trust me - people want to see how beautiful you two are. :)

    1. you are such a sweetheart, this made my day(: we are having so much fun with this blog and seeing that somebody appreciates it makes it even better!