úterý 11. června 2013

The Lovecats

...we are so wonderfully wonderfully wonderfully pretty.

Regular people wear best friend necklaces, we wear best friend dresses, haha.This kitty one is from romwe and we were basically drooling over it from the minute we first saw it. Once it was on sale, we just could not resist!

Other than that, I am wearing old burgundy belt, thrifted stockings and suspenders, Journeys oxfords and my favourite cat ear headband I actually found in TALLY WEIL (I know, shocker, right?). Ann is wearing a thrifted bodysuit, lolita-like shoes and belt, knee socks from her bro and a super cute straw hat from H&M.

Don´t you just love our beautiful, beautiful ghetto?

Live, laugh, love
Your Pretty Kitties

11 komentářů:

  1. Beauties! I love this way of putting pics! Deep grass shots are my favourite. :)

  2. Odpovědi
    1. I know, right?(: I´m in love with them!

  3. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. :)
    I love this little white cat dress.<3

    1. <3 you are very welcome, I meant it!(: I am falling in love with your pictures, they are so dreamy

  4. You two are adorable! As is that dress! xo