úterý 4. února 2014

Rails of fate

Hi flowers!
Long cold winter afternoons still stay with us, so how do u deal with it? Do you like snow, do u go skiing, do you make snowmen, or do u live in a piece of Earth where is always sun and blue blue sky? I am kind of loosing my inspiration, my book reader is broken, all new flowers crowns are made, my exams are done (which is a great great fact, but Betty is still busy with school projects and with never ending books to study and exams waiting, and there is nobody else who would walk around a city and photoboombing with me) soo I walk through pictures we made same days ago and I cant wait to meet my beautiful dolly-flowery-best friend again. Here are some pics we did in a little stolen piece of time during a walk in your homecity Prague. Those are special cause they are not from our closest neighborhood, which you know from another pictures :D but those are from the centre of city, where we met many wonderful places(and much more is still waiting to be found), like this grey grey office building and railway full of stories.
The clothes we wear are as usual from thrift store, my shoes are from Vienna flea market, the dress I have are now my most favorite cause they are warm, and the leather bag which I wore, was made in Greece and I love it for that fact. Bettys outfit I suppose is also almost all thriftstored and the wine is cheap cheap fun.

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