úterý 18. března 2014

Inner symphony

Hello spring melodies!

How are you doing? Winter is slowly dying, queen of spring wakes up flowers, grass is getting green, sun stays longer on the sky, sometimes when cold wind stops blowing, you can feel brave sunrays on your skin. Free days call you out to all day long trips. I love this time when world wake up from long long wintersleep. Right now, I have my school practice in hospital in my hometown, Prague, so we can meet with Betty more often. She has a ton of school stuff to do but always finds time for thrift stores, one hour walk through our always surprising neighborhood and girl talks.
We were talking about aspecial idea to put into our fashion meetup and when I was wandering in my parents flat, peeking into deep deep not used wardrobe to find some vintage clothes, I found an old violin on its floor, lying there with its own forgotten story and I got fresh idea! To go out like freaks, play on its splited strings, and enjoy ourselves in the sunset.

And thanks to Romwe we also have special music clothes to be combined with that amazing atmosphere we tried to catch in photos. I took leggings with notes hiding forgotten melodies and Betty had tights with keyboard on their side. I also wore my flea market shoes from past century, socks with lace (which I missed so much,  I need to wear them every day now :-P) and a transparent shirt fromthrift store. (God, when I think about it, I have all my clothes from thrift stores or from romwe!). Betty wore her wonderfull "hippie bride dress" and her awesome new shoes which I started to be envious of when I saw them. Also we wore our typical red rose wreath and the mad hat. And here are the promised pictures.

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