úterý 22. dubna 2014

Daisy day

Hello blooms,
how does a spring look like in your homeland? From my window I see sunset slowly coming and clouds in expressive colors, the fresh raindrops on balcony, thenew air. This part of the year is always so nostalgic for me. I love the early mornings when I open the front door and I feel it all again. I enjoy the rain replacing the bright sun. This easter weekend I also saw the snow! There was no snow on Christmas day, but I built my snowman in the end of April. This month is so adventurous for me. We dont have a time to see each other that much these days. So much school and so much stress. Hard to run away from it. But still, we have something new for you. Since I got my new wonderful daisy dress from Romwe I couldn't wait to wear it for a special spring day. And here it comes! We bought our favorite sangria (and than another one :)) and we went to a beautiful forrest close to Bee´s primary school and we were laying in the grass with the first flowers, talking about everything and forgetting the time and the duties. As I said I had my newRomwe dress, daisy crown and dotted shoes and Bee wore a lovely thriftedlace dress, roses in her hair and black boots from Camaieu. Wish there were more days like this.

...but SUMMER is coming. And that is always our time. So stay tuned and we will show you more!

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