čtvrtek 22. května 2014

Hundred years old tree.

Hello sunshines!
I love this! The heat! The blue blue sky! No pants, no jackets, no tights, no bras :D...The only thing that makes me a little worried is exam time on my university. I hate how I must spend those beautiful days loked in my room, studing all the details about neurons and muscles and illnesses and brrr. Not for me, not in this part of year. I cant wait for the holidays. For the days spent outside. All day lying in the sand next to the lake, with huge book full of romance. I cant wait for the strawberries days with wine (which I cant drink these days because I need to focuss all day long :D) - yes, we are have been drinking one neverending bottle of wine for 5 days now. I cant believe it, but its true :D.

I cant wait for the music festivals and their energy, for all-day-long trips. For the storms that make you feel so clean and free. For wonderfull sunsets and sunrises (I always fail to stay awake, but everytime I wish to see it).

Move the time, give it to me!

But still, even when we are so busy, we find time to see each other, me and Bee :). And that is definitely the plus side. I am in Prague, nervous all day, resstless in my room, because I can study just at night :D, so we met in my place. We chose dresses and went out to take a break.
I got my emo dress, which is so wonderfull and so alice in wonderland-like, but I dont like the skull  pattern, so I dont wear it that often. The only event we took them out was a concert of Emilie Autumn :-o. And Betty borrowed my heart overalls. I love her shoes sooo much.

Also it looks like romwe will not colaborate with us anymore :(. But who cares. I am gonna miss the free clothes that made me feellike I am living my dream, but we will be more motivated for the thriftstores and the do-it-yourself stuff and we will rise to the top again :).

See you soon.

fridge in our Prague village


...one fairy queen to remember.

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