středa 28. května 2014

Raindrops are falling on my head

Hello sunshines :)
what´s up? Here it is raining once, sushining twice (mostly when I cant leave house, because of study duties), and again and again in this rhyme. Examination time is in progress, but I have another exam done. Great feeling, when you can fall into your duvet afer non-sleeping night and stressfull day. But it was worth of it! After exam I went into mine favourite school-city secondstore, which is soo huge and crowded and filled with possitive energy for me, it always help me to visit second hand and feel there like at home. I cant imagine my life without it. Today I bought in there tights, normally they dont sell them and they were extremly cheap, so I bought ten pair today :D. I feel so materialistic and bleh, but I couldnt help myself. Also I bought a book from my favourite check writer and I read it on my way back home. I love trains, and trainway from Prague to Usti nad Labem (the direction to Dresden) is soo romantic, I love the moment when the train enters the hills, when you travel next to the river and you watch old hills with prehystoric villages on their tops from open window. (I need to make my world comled from those shatters of feeling I enjoy).

World is so grey today. Its a day when you are happy that you can stay home with hot tea and sleeping mood.

So here I am today to show you another pictures we made with Betty last week. It was so strange day, we were so messed up, so lost in our way, finally we went to post office to send some sold clothes I had prepared and pick up probably last package I got from romwe :(, when we open front doors to outside world from there, it was so maniacal storm in here. Darj dark clouds, thunders so close to us, violet sky during the lights. We were so summery clothed so we were cold in a minute, but we were afraid to go home in that weather ravage so we stand under drip flap and waited to the end of it. It was so funny to watch people running over.  It was full of short (or long) story tales. ( How people tried to get to know each there, find possible future love in the middle of  rain - the link was in ownership of umbrella), how the owner of umbrella walked as kings, how one young couple had date in there, in the cloudburst, how a chinesse girls tried- probably all day long- put the water away from the immediate distance from her shop and more and more.

After that I wanted to go back home to study neurology because I was so cold, but the bus driver did not open doors for me, so i was made :D to go with Betty one more station and play in the dirty slops and take pictures in there. So take a look beauties, and tell us what do you think :).

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